"You went and done it, didn't you, LaSalle? You went and became a... vegetarian!"
―To Vince LaSalle

Coach Kluge[1] is a minor, recurring character in the Disney's Recess. He has featured in four episodes of Recess and the 2001 feature-length movie "Recess: School's Out."

He is the Phys. Ed teacher at Third Street and also the soccer coach for Third Street School.

His voice was provided for by Paul Willson in the series, of which there are four.


He is athletic and nice to all his students, and generally wants them all to succeed and be athletic.


In appearance, he wears glasses, has brown hair, and wears a green t-shirt.


Coach Kluge appears in four episodes in the main series of Recess - over the years 1997 and 1999 - and the 2001 feature-length movie "Recess: School's Out.".

Season 1

Parents' Night

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Swing on Thru to the Other Side

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Season 4

Gus' Fortune

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Good Luck Charm

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Recess: School's Out

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He is shown after the tidal wave of Third Street students reek havoc in the school, commenting on how "It [was] the first day of summer." He is also seen at the end where the teachers were dropping.


  • He only appears in four episodes of the main series: two of season one and two of season four.
  • He resembles the appearance of his voice actor, Phil Willson.




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