Captain Bradley

Captain Bradley, or Captain Brad, is the leader of the Safety Rangers. Like all the other Safety Rangers, he wears a green uniform with an orange belt. He is big, tall, and sports blonde hair.

His first major appearance was in the episode "Officer Mikey." He is very rude and can be very angry, grouchy, and strict at times. He can often be rude and even make fun of people by laughing at them. He also appeared in the episode "The Ratings Game," in which he insulted Menlo by calling him a loser upon discover of his low rating. Apart from that, he remains a cameo in all other episodes.

In the feature-length movie "Recess: School's Out," he had another fairly major appearance. He was in charge of the military camp to which Gus went. He is voiced by Toran Caudell, who also voices King Bob, in the episode "The Ratings Game;" otherwise, he is voiced by Erik Von Detten.


  • Bradley in 'Recess: School's Out'
  • Angry Brad
  • "Griswald? He couldn't lead a glee club!"
  • Bradley in 'Officer Mikey'
  • Captain Brad following King Bob's command in the 2001 feature-length movie Recess: School's Out.