Character Information


Real Name
Brandon Placido
Third Street School Student
Unnamed Family
His Backup Crew
First Appearance
The Voice
Voiced By
Michael Shulman

Brandon Placido, also known as The Singer Kid, is the prized vocal performer at Third Street School. He is voiced by Michael Shulman.


He is a boy who dresses in a red dinner-jacket, a white dress shirt, along with a green cravat and blue dress pants. He wears classical men's black shoes, and has sports slicked-back hair.


He often sings instead of speaking, much to the annoyance of his fellow students, to the point where they cheered when he swallowed a bee and he was stung in the voice-box and wasn't able to sing for a while. In some episodes, he gets picked on by other students due to his always singing everything he says. For example, in the episode "Tattletale Heart," Brandon sings "These shoes were new!", when food hits his shoes during the food fight. 


  • Brandon makes a cameo in Recess: School's Out. He is seen sleeping in the bed next to Mikey's at the Young Voice Training Program.

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