Kojak is an antagonist in the Disney movie Recess: School's Out. He is one of the henchmen for Dr. Phillium Benedict and is presumably a lieutenant in Benedict's army.


Aside from making sure one of Dr. Benedict's plans don't fail, he was ordered by Dr. Benedict to impersonate Principal Prickly while Benedict was holding the real Principal Prickly captive. He especially seems to hold a grudge against T.J. (presumably because of the "Ugly Bald Guy" comment made on T.J.'s tape recorder when he was snooping on them earlier in the film).

He also caught T.J. and Principal Prickly when they located his office and took away T.J.'s (already confiscated) Walkie-Talkie, although not before T.J. relayed to his friends what Benedict's true plan was (the elimination of Summer Vacation) after stumbling on a mural on the office door that was presumably painted by Benedict and his henchmen.

He later caught SpinelliGretchenGusVince, and Mikey in the halls when they and the student body attacked the school to stop Benedict, but T.J. and Prickly dumped corn chowder on him before he could attack them, as well as the can, which resulted in him falling down the stairs and presumably being knocked out. After regaining consciousness and presumably removing the drum can and most of the chowder off his body, he stormed into the lab-transformed auditorium while Benedict's henchmen and a joint effort of the faculty and students were fighting and attempted to attack T.J. in revenge for his earlier humiliation. However, Ms. Finster stopped him and got into a fist fight with Kojak, only for him to end up knocked out by Finster before he could land any hits on her. It is unknown what happens to him at the end of the movie after he got punched out by Ms. Finster during the final fight. He was either smothered in the crash after the laser was destroyed, or was sent to jail with his boss.


  • The name Kojak is a reference to a TV-detective who is also bald.
  • It's unknown if Kojak is his actual name, or a nickname given by Ms. Finster when she fought him in reference to his baldness.
  • He is voiced by Clancy Brown, known primarily for his voice in SpongeBob SquarePants as Eugene H. Krabs, the cheap boss of the title character