Ashley q
Ashley Q

Ashley Quinlan, a.k.a Ashley Q., is one of the four Ashleys and possibly of Irish ancestry given her surname and red hair.

She is the snobbiest of all of them and is selfish and manipulative as are all of the other Ashleys. Of the clique she seems to be Ashley Spinelli's biggest enemy. Just like all of the Ashleys, she has a little sister Brittany and a little brother Tyler. She and the other Ashleys' catchphrase is "scandalous." Ashley Q. is noted to be an excellent kickball player. She usually wears a white blouse, blue jacket, blue skirt, and black shoes. She is voiced by Rachel Crane.


  • In I Will Kick No More Forever, She is able to kick a ball farther then Vince.
  • In "Outcast Ashley", it is mentioned that she is a Leo, meaning that her birthday falls in late July, or early August.

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Rachel Crane

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