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"Why couldn't I have been born Zedidius Zwick?"
Adam expressing his discontent for being called first for everything because of his name in Tattletale Heart

Adam Abel is a background character in Recess.


Adam is African-American, and has curly black hair and glasses. He wears a green shirt, a red sweatervest, brown pants, and sneakers. Like Gus, he's drawn with a black dot eye style.


Adam is a background character in the show and doesn't have many speaking lines. In "Tattletale Heart", his name is given out, and is the first kid in alphabetical order at the school, meaning that he has to go first for everything. This has made him comment: "Why couldn't I have been born Zedidius Zwick?"

It's unknown what grade he's in, but is possibly older than the Recess Gang, as he appeared as an older kid in the kindergarten flashback of Recess: All Growed Down.


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