ABC kids
ABC Kids
was a saturday morning block ran by Disney that ran on ABC, replacing Disney's One Saturday Morning in 2002. Unlike One Saturday Morning, ABC Kids had less original programming and instead reran previous episodes of Disney Channel TV shows, such as Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, and That's So Raven. The block's only new shows were Filmore! and Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. The only shows from One Saturday Morning still airing were Recess re-runs and the remaints of the first season of Teamo Supremo, which after that season, the show would air it's remaining episodes on Toon Disney.

The block ended in 2011 when Litton Entertainment aquired the rights to the Saturday morning block, with Litton's Weekend Adventure replacing the block in September 2011. Disney continues to show Saturday morning programming on Disney Channel.

Recess aired on ABC Kids from it's first year on the air until Fall 2004 when it was replaced with Fillmore!. Reruns would pop up occasionally after that, but stopped appearing in 2006.

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